研究生助理(ga)首先是追求教育的研究生. The opportunity to work closely with staff in administrative environments is an integral part of that education.

获得助教奖学金的研究生在教育和专业上都受益. 他们增强了自己的领导经验和人际交往效率. 他们获得学术管理经验,并享受与同事的学院合作. 在助教奖学金中学习的技能为学生进入企业做准备, 政府, 以及非营利组织.

Assistantships also provide graduate students with the financial resources necessary to pursue their degrees. 这种财政支持, 学费减免, 这是大学对研究生成功承诺的一部分吗.

大学致力于确保研究生助理的任务是富有成效的, 提高学生资历, 满足资金支持和工作量目标.


Graduate Assistants at 靠谱的外围平台 are under the direct supervision of the Director(s) of that department that offers the appointment. 总监决定总会计师的任务, 监督自己的工作, 并推荐他或她每学年连任. 主任是有关助学金细节的主要资料来源.


接受研究生助理职位, the student must be accepted into one of the graduate programs at 靠谱的外围平台 and register for the upcoming academic year courses.

在他们的研究生助教期间, they must be a registered graduate student in good standing enrolled full-time in a degree program at 靠谱的外围平台 and must be making satisfactory progress toward the degree. 

Appointments are normally given to those students who have shown superior aptitude in their field of study and who appear likely to render a high quality of service to the university by their administrative work in a department. 非攻读学位的学生没有资格获得研究生助教奖学金.


研究生助理必须是全日制学生,每周工作20小时. They are full time students if they are registered for at least 6 hours in a semester and 18 hours in an academic year.


研究生助理可以在学年的任何时候被任命, 该聘任有效期为该学年.

每个部门负责确定和传达自己的具体标准, 在大学规定的范围内, 评估学生是否有资格获得研究生助教奖学金. 在一般情况下, reappointment is dependent upon satisfactory performance and normal progress toward a graduate degree. 就像所有的大学教职员工一样, 任命和再任命视是否有资金而定.


各院系希望招聘一名研究生助理, 必须向部门副总裁提供一份工作描述以获得批准. 副总裁必须批准工作描述. 任命一名研究生助理, 部门主管必须提供工作描述, 奖学金条款, 以及期望的研究生助理的工作量. 受聘的研究生助理必须签署合同和保密协议. 合同和工作描述必须发送给财务副总裁, 操作, 和管理. 财务副总裁, 操作 和管理 will then disseminate notification of the appointed Graduate Assistant to other departments.


Each department will perform a performance review at the end of each academic year on their Graduate Assistant(s). 审查和评价的结果应与有关的大会讨论.


A Graduate Assistant's appointment may be terminated before the expiration of its designated term for cause, 对于学术过失, 书面通知, 而且是双方自愿同意的.

  1. 导致. 有关委任可因理由而立即终止. 以下是被免职的充分理由:不称职, 效率低下, 粗心大意,玩忽职守, 不服从命令, 重复或长时间缺席, 以及与总会计师是否适合或有能力继续执行任务有关的不当行为.
  2. 学术不端. An appointment may be terminated if the GA is not making satisfactory academic progress to a degree or is otherwise not in good academic standing. The termination shall be in writing and may be immediate or with such notice as the University believes compatible with the GA's academic situation, 不超过30个日历日.
  3. 书面通知. 在向大会递交30天书面通知后,可以终止任命.
  4. 自愿协议. 经本校同意, 总会计师可因自愿书面辞职而终止委任.


The University does not guarantee an appointment as a Graduate Assistant will be renewed at the end of the academic year. 尽管约会经常会更新, the University cannot promise and there can be no expectancy that a graduate assistantship will be continued over an extended period of time.



Departments are to provide work assignments that GAs can satisfactorily complete in no more than a 20-hour average work week and are to ensure that GAs spend no more than 20 hours per week on average throughout the term of appointment on work unrelated to their position. 在任何给定的一周内完成作业所需的实际小时数可能会有所不同.

GAs遵循员工假期和休假时间表. 因此, 如果校园对正式员工关闭(任何原因), 在那些日子正常工作的GAs将不被要求补足错过的时间.


研究生助教奖学金的目的是教育. 它们是学习的一个组成部分,作为实践,通过应用来增进理解. 虽然研究生助理的任命具有一些就业属性,但这些都是次要的. 以下“休假”政策反映了这些原则.

  1. 应计离开. 研究生助理不享有带薪年假、事假或病假. 
  2. 工作以外的时间. 研究生助理可能有时间离开他们的工作. 全职(每周20小时), 12个月的助教奖学金允许10个工作日(40小时)的学院支持缺勤. 符合条件的时间是按日历年计算的. Time away from duties must be taken while holding an appointment; it may not be accumulated or transferred. 它不包括大学关闭的时间.  因为同事们在缺席期间必须履行总会计师的职责, 合理通知(至少7天, 如可预见需要休假),并须事先获得总会计师主管的批准. 休假时间可用于大会选定的目的.
  3. 因病缺勤. 如果研究生助理生病了,离开工作岗位的时间最初应该得到学院的支持. 偶尔, short-term absences on account of illness generally will not require the use of the allowable “time-away from duty” days.

在因病缺勤超过两周的情况下, support for time away from duties must be requested by the GA and lies in the discretion of the Director(s) of the department. The GA’s request must be accompanied by supporting medical documentation satisfactory to the University, including a letter from a physician or other licensed health-care professional that provides (1) the nature of the illness; (2) a statement that the GA should not return to work for health reasons; and (3) the duration of the required absence.


研究生助理有资格在秋季获得最多6学分的学费减免, 春天, 夏季学期. GAs的学费减免不包括任何额外的学时或费用. If GA decides to enroll in more than 6 credit hours in a semester it will be the responsibility of the GA to cover the difference. 有资格获得体育奖学金的GAs, 可以同时获得奖学金和GA学费减免, 不超过学费.  如果资助总额超过学费, one or more sources will be reduced as no refunds of institutional are permitted under any circumstance.

如果研究生助理的任命在学期中期被终止, 该课程的学费将按研究生助理工作的周数按比例计算. GA将负责该课程的剩余学费.

Students appointed to a graduate assistant position are eligible to serve in that position for a maximum of up to two consecutive years and for only one graduate program offered at 靠谱的外围平台.


A Graduate Assistant's administrative activities are subject to the ethical precepts and codes of the academic profession, 南卡罗来纳州关于员工的法律, 以及大学管理机构义务的政策. Violation of any of these regulations constitutes a basis for disciplinary action in accordance with procedures set forth in the University's policies.

在与学生的互动中, 教师, 以及大学社区的所有其他成员, GAs are expected to conduct themselves with the same sensitivity and thoughtfulness that they expect to receive from others.


在莱姆斯通大学了解更多关于第九条政策的信息, 请阅读教职员手册, http://fac-staff-hb.chinalifeyz.com/limestone-university-title-ix-policy.


如果研究生助理有问题或不满, 他或她应该与部门主管一起审查问题.

如果投诉涉及直接主管, 研究生助理应与相应的副校长审查投诉.