LinkedIn is helping soon-to-be grads from around the country tap into their professional community—whether they realize they have one already or not. 

想要在学校里找到梦想的职业是一项艰巨的任务. 但这里有个好消息:大致有 1100万个职位空缺 每个月在美国的任何时间. Sure, you don’t want all those 工作, but you want some of them—而且 some of them want you! 

LinkedIn connects qualified c而且idates with companies 而且 organizations that crave top talent. 有了这些技巧, you’ll be well on your way to snagging a seat at the professional table before graduation. 


  • 80% of LinkedIn members consider professional networking to be important to new job opportunities 而且 career success, 根据 LinkedIn的研究
  • 70%的人被他们有关系的公司录用 
  • 超过2000万专业人士,包括招聘人员, 招聘经理和决策者每周都会使用领英 

领英社区拥有5.3亿专业人士, there is no other place where you can access such a wide range of knowledge, 帮助你实现目标的技能和资源. 


寻找 工作 似乎是一项艰巨的任务. 不止一个 四分之一的专业人士 说他们没有时间去寻找新的机会. 

但不用担心, with search alerts you can get notifications 而且 updates to a saved search via email or shared with you on LinkedIn. 使用高级搜索过滤器根据行业来缩小机会范围, 位置, 经验水平及更多. 过滤搜索设置好后,只需创建警报. 

Let recruiters know you’re open to new opportunities by simply flipping a switch on your LinkedIn的资料. 它被称为 开放的候选人是的,就是这么简单. 公开候选人可从“首选项的标签 工作 主页. 

按下开关, you privately signal to recruiters that you’re interested in new opportunities. 别忘了更新你的 职业兴趣. This helps you appear in the search results that recruiters are regularly scouring. 另外, this helps inform the daily job recommendations LinkedIn sends you 而且 surfaces on the 工作 homepage.


LinkedIn tapped into its network of more than 530 million members to give you deep insight into 工资 以及薪酬领域. You can also dig deeper into compensation insights about specific companies you’re interested in. 这样,你就可以在谈薪水的时候准备好了. 

LinkedIn的薪水 包括基本补偿, 奖金, 以及特定职位的股权数据, 以及影响薪酬的不同因素,比如工作年限, 行业, 公司规模, 位置, 教育水平. 

企业家? 创造你自己的工作——成为一名自由职业者 

LinkedIn ProFinder started as an idea that has grown into a vibrant freelance marketplace being used by more than 70,全国有1万名自由职业者. LinkedIn has seen client dem而且 surge with weekly requests for proposals growing more than fivefold in one year. 


  • More than 80% of professionals on LinkedIn have stated they either want to have a mentor or be one to others 
  • More than half don’t know where to begin 而且 more than one-third have a hard time finding the right person 

LinkedIn发布 职业建议, a new feature that helps connect members across the LinkedIn network with one another for lightweight mentorship opportunities. 你是否需要职业道路方面的建议, switching to a new 行业 or best practices for a project you’re working on, 职业建议 能帮你找到并联系到合适的人吗. 


  • One-third of job-seekers have expressed concern that they don’t have the necessary skills to be competitive in the job market 
  • 许多人都在寻找 在家工作 use LinkedIn learning to gain the skills needed to be an ideal c而且idate for remote work. 

与 LinkedIn学习,你现在可以访问一个巨大的在线课程数据库 编码 而且 平面设计 to 公众演讲. And here’s the best part: each course is typically sliced up into very manageable 5-10 minute learning chunks. Learning a new skill over the course of a week quickly becomes very achievable. 


One of the easiest ways for students 而且 alumni to make connections is through 领英校友工具. It’s an easy way to explore the alumni directories 而且 find who graduated from your same school, 他们现在在哪里工作,在哪些城市. 只要搜索你的学校,选择“见校友”就可以开始了. You can access career paths for more than 23,000 colleges 而且 universities worldwide. 


现在? -开始行动 

创建或更新您的 LinkedIn的资料 今天. This provides other LinkedIn members with a better underst而且ing of the unique skills, 利益, 而经历造就了你. 

  • Make sure you have a profile photo - it will help get you recognized 而且 connect to potential opportunities. Members with a profile photo receive up to 21x more profile views 而且 9x more connection requests. 
  • Members with current positions are discovered up to 16x more in recruiter searches 
  • Members with more than 5 skills are 27x more likely to be discovered in searches by recruiters 
  • Including the city where you are based makes you st而且 out up to 23x in searches 

奖金: 看看 简历的助理, a new integration from Microsoft 而且 LinkedIn to help you use Microsoft Word as a powerful 而且 professional resume builder.